Mega Man’s brought some friends to Smash

Posted by Prof. 9, Apr 08 - 2 comments

smash-bros-mega-man-thumbDid you catch a glimpse of Mega Man’s new Final Smash during the special Super Smash Bros. edition of today’s Nintendo Direct? If so, you might have seen some familiar faces…

That’s right — all four other (yes, count ‘em, four) Mega Men pop out to help our classic hero, including MegaMan.EXE from Battle Network and MegaManSF from Star Force 1 and 2. Together with X and Mega Man Volnutt, they fire off a 5-way Buster blast that obliterates everything.

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MMBN6 Co-Op Multiplayer Patch Released

Posted by Prof. 9, Apr 06 - 0 comments

DblBeastIf you’ve been keeping a close eye on some TREZ staffers’ YouTube channels lately, you might have seen Greiga Master’s co-op multiplayer patch in action already. This unique mod of MMBN6 lets you team up with another player, both controlling the same side of the field, to take down one of the in-game bosses.

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New MMBN Speedrun Marathon for Charity

Posted by Prof. 9, Nov 30 - 0 comments

marathonpicAre you ready for more Mega Man Battle Network speedrunning goodness? The new MMBN speedrunning group TeamBN has just announced their second MMBN marathon. They’ll be playing the main six MMBN games, as well as several spinoffs like Rockman EXE WS, the fangame MMBN Chrono X and the first two Mega Man Star Force games. Again, all donations will go to charity: this time, the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

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Star Force track list For Everlasting Peace revealed

Posted by Prof. 9, Sep 25 - 1 comment

ocremixContinuing from last week, here are the tracks from Mega Man Star Force that will be featured in For Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man, an upcoming OverClocked ReMix album, as well as the musicians who will be remixing them:

“Spacegazer” – Deep Space Theme, Flexstyle
“Libra Funkadelic” – Libra Balance Stage, halc
“Falling Star” – Main Menu, Joshua Morse

All tracks are from the first Mega Man Star Force game. Remember, you will be able to download the album for free in next month!

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Battle Network track list for OC ReMix album announced

Posted by Prof. 9, Sep 18 - 0 comments

ocremixJust over a week ago, Capcom-Unity Community Manager Brett Elston announced a collaboration with OverClock ReMix, a renowned group of video game music remixers: a special Mega Man tribute album titled For Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man, featuring remixes from every Mega Man series, will be released somewhere in October. Now, the list of Battle Network-based remixes has been revealed!
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Rockman EXE Fandub Released (UPDATED)

Posted by Prof. 9, Sep 14 - 0 comments

rockman-exe-program-of-light-and-darknessUPDATE: Nat400 has released an audio-only version of the fandub for people who bought the movie to enjoy.

At long last, the English fandub of Rockman EXE: Program of Light and Darkness has been released. The project was announced by director Nat400 three months ago, and aimed to fully translate and dub the Japan-only Rockman EXE movie into English. All of the voices are from fans, and if you listen really carefully, you can even hear TREZ’s MidniteW amongst them.
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ProtoMan.EXE Armor and Star Force 3 world hit Rockman Xover

Posted by Prof. 9, Aug 31 - 2 comments

over-b-battle-memoryIt’s been a while since the last Battle Network/Star Force-related Rockman Xover update, but MMBN is finally getting a real representative. The newest update brings the new OVER-B armor, a new Legend Armor closely resembling ProtoMan.EXE from MMBN. In true Proto Man fashion, it provides a hefty boost to your attack.

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The Rockman EXE Zone Turns 7!

Posted by megarockexe, Aug 12 - 0 comments

On August 12, 2006, The Rockman EXE Zone was officially launched. Now in 2013, we acknowledge the site’s 7th Anniversary. A lot has changed even in the past year. As you may remember, our new home page was launched last year on this day. We’ve also gotten more coverage recently with higher-profile projects like the EXE6 Boktai translation and TheSpeedGamers support and also for getting out there with social media like Twitter. And of course, we can’t forget the EXE WS translation. We couldn’t have done this and more without all your support.  Sure on the game side of things, it’s been a little slow with the lack of games and all. But fortunately since everyone’s favorite Rockman Xover social game keeps pushing out new content, you can see our Gallery has grown with new rare art and special promotional images. Our team effort is dedicated to preserving the vast content of the game on a daily basis.

To commemorate this date, the TREZ Forums will now have a new fluid-width theme that’s been in testing for a little while. Please report any bugs or issues to staff so they may get fixed. This option should make for a more comfortable reading experience for many users as it adapts to the small snap-width and widescreen width well.

We did it, everyone! 7 years and going on 8.

MMBN Speedrun Marathon for Charity Incoming

Posted by Prof. 9, Jul 29 - 0 comments

UPDATE: The marathon has been delayed one week, to August 16th.

mmbn rta wikiIt’s been over seven years since the last English Battle Network game was released, but fans are still actively playing the series. Recently, a speedrunning group going by the name of #TeamBN has sprung up at SpeedRunsLive, and has made an announcement at TREZ Forums that they are organizing a speedrun marathon of the entire series, with all the proceeds going to charity.

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EXE 6 Boktai Sidequest Now Translated!

Posted by megarockexe, Jul 26 - 14 comments

Crossover Battle 2Several years after the release of Mega Man Battle Network 6, players have longed to play the Boktai sidequest that was removed in the localized release of the game. Dream no more! Thanks to efforts from the TREZ community, with help from Heat Man of The Mega Man Network, the sidequest is now available in full English for your enjoyment!

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