Capcom Special Selection: Rockman EXE getting reprint

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Capcom Special Selection: Rockman EXELast year’s Capcom Special Selection: Rockman EXE, will be getting a limited reprint. The set contains a soundtrack CD with 31 tunes from various games in the series, as well as a 32-page artbook.

For more info on the contents of the set, check out our previous coverage. The reprinted editions of Capcom Special Selection: Rockman EXE will ship in June 2015; pre-orders are exclusively available in Japan through e-CAPCOM and will set you back ¥2000.

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Mega May 2015 will have MMBN3, MMBN4

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mmbn3-boxart-naJust like last year, Capcom will be holding a Mega May; a whole month of weekly Mega Man releases on Virtual Console. This year, all of the Virtual Console games will be for the Wii U, and this year’s North American line-up includes Mega Man Battle Network 3 and Mega Man Battle Network 4, as well as Mega Man & Bass and Mega Man Zero 2.

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Rockman EXE 4 to be released on Wii U eShop next week (UPDATE)

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Rockman EXE 4 Double Pack (JP)Everyone’s favorite MMBN game, Mega Man Battle Network 4, will be released on the Wii U eShop in Japan on March 25th. BN4 may have been notorious in the West for being the black sheep of the series; however, it was the best selling installment in the series. So now that the first three games are on the eShop, it’s no surprise that Capcom is following up with the fourth one.

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Mega Man-athon 3 coming up

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Mega Man-athon 3It’s almost time for MAGfest in 2015, and that means another Mega Man-athon is upon us. Starting January 23rd, Half Empty E-Tank will be hosting the third 72-hour Mega Man marathon live at MAGfest with many different guest players, including TeamBN who will once again be running various Battle Network games!

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Virtual Console MMBN2 Now Available in North America

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Mega Man Battle Network 2 boxart (NA)The wait is over: Mega Man Battle Network 2 is now available on the Wii U eShop in North America! As is the standard for GBA games, it costs $7.99. Surprisingly, it’s kept its E for Everyone rating!

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MMBN 2014 Recap!

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Rockman EXE3 VC Promo

Happy new year from The Rockman EXE Zone staff! Here’s a quick breakdown on whatever news has popped up regarding the Battle Network series (Sorry, Star Force fans!).

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Battle Network 3 coming to Japanese eShop (UPDATE)

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Rockman EXE 3 title screenSeems like Capcom of Japan is on a roll–we don’t even have the second Mega Man Battle Network on Virtual Console yet, but Battle Network: Rockman EXE 3 and its counterpart, Battle Network: Rockman EXE 3 BLACK will already be launching on the Wii U eShop in Japan on December 17th.

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Japanese Battle Network 2 arriving on Virtual Console (UPDATE)

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Rockman EXE 2 title screenRemember how Capcom community manager Brett Elston said that the release of Mega Man Battle Network 2 on the Wii U Virtual Console might not make 2014? Well, it looks like Japanese players won’t have to wait that long after all, because Battle Network: Rockman EXE 2‘s Japanese release date has been announced. The game will be launching on the eShop one week from now, on 12th November 2014.

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Check out Phantom Rift, a game inspired by MMBN

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phantom-riftWatch the trailer below; notice anything familiar? Mobile game dev Foursaken Media, consisting of four brothers making video games, has created Phantom Rift, an adventure RPG for Android and iOS that draws heavily from Mega Man Battle Network.

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The Rockman EXE Zone is 8 years old!

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TREZ8thAnniversaryToday is August 12th, 2014. Why is this day special? It’s The Rockman EXE Zone’s 8th anniversary. Way back in 2006, megarock.exe and Greiga Master started this forum to create a community for all kinds of EXE fans. While many communities have come and gone, we still stand and we will continue to be the premier destination for Mega Man Battle Network!

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