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EXE 15th: CDs Track Listings

Two CD releases are heading our way on June 15th! The Rockman EXE Sound Box for your (sort of) complete OST goodness, and Rockman EXE 15th Anniversary Arrange Best Track featuring past EXE musical talents! Both accompanied with art by EXE official artist, Ryuji Higurashi! The full listings and art spread of the Box can be found in the skip.


Rockman EXE 4.5: Real Operation coming to Japanese Wii U

Rockman EXE 4-5 BCGWrapping up the series on the Gameboy Advance, Rockman EXE 4.5: Real Operation has been announced for the Japanese Wii U eShop. Real Operation utilizes an internal battery for a real-time clock to progress the story and events in the game. Physical copies of the game have their batteries long expired, making this release a good way to experience the game! Japanese players can pick up the game on January 13th, 2016 for 702 yen.


CSS: Ryuusei no Rockman Cover & Track Listing Revealed

Capcom Special Selection: Ryuusei no Rockman

Additional information for the Capcom Special Selection: Ryuusei no Rockman have surfaced!

The cover for the artbook and the music CD have been revealed. The disc art cleverly includes lyrics from Sonia Strumm’s in-game song, Shooting Star. In addition, new art from concept artists Yuji Ishihara and Tokiko Nakashima are to be included. Both the track listing and sample of the new art can be found in the jump.