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EXE 6 Boktai Sidequest Now Translated!

Crossover Battle 2Several years after the release of Mega Man Battle Network 6, players have longed to play the Boktai sidequest that was removed in the localized release of the game. Dream no more! Thanks to efforts from the TREZ community, with help from Heat Man of The Mega Man Network, the sidequest is now available in full English for your enjoyment!

Several other TREZ members helped with quality assurance and Heat Man helped with the translation. I, of course, created graphics, especially in the Crossover Battle menus, and Greiga Master did the hacking parts. A few other aspects of EXE 6 have also been translated to enhance the immersion. Additionally, Crossover Battle 2 has been translated and lets you play with Boktai 3, including the translated English version of the game.

In order to play this patch, you will need a ROM image of Rockman EXE 6: Dennoujuu Faltzer; the patch will not work on the Dennoujuu Glaga version. The Rockman EXE Zone does not condone piracy, so do not ask for links to illegal ROM downloads. If you have the resources, try out the patch now. There is one with English names and one with Japanese names; they are both available in one download link.
EXE6_Crossover_Translation_Patch (v1.0)

This will hopefully be one of several more notable TREZ projects to come out this year, so keep checking back.

15 thoughts to “EXE 6 Boktai Sidequest Now Translated!”

  1. Is there anyway to rip the dialogue from the English version of BN6 Falzar, and then patch that into the Jap ROM? This way you could play the entire thing, start-to-finish, in English?

  2. @Toastykins: Technically, yes, but it’s a lot more work. I believe the intent of this was just to be able to play the Boktai scenario in English; after all, the rest of the game is already playable in English.

    @mega-fan: Crossover Battle is a multiplayer-only feature, so you would need an emulator with link support, such as VBA-Link.

  3. Wait, so let me see if I’ve got this right. I need two patches to play the whole thing in English? One for the Boktai scenario, and another for the rest of the game?

  4. @cr055x: You can play the Boktai scenario in English with this patch for the Japanese version, and the rest of the game with the unmodified English version of the game.

    1. …so in order to play the Boktai scenario, I have to do the entire game and all it’s puzzles and riddles and stuff in Japanese first. Then play a different copy of the game without the the Boktai stuff to finish it. Meaning either way I can’t play the entire game and enjoy it without learning Japanese.

      1. The ZIP archive has a save file included so that you don’t need to play through the whole game to get to the Boktai scenario. I don’t know how complete it is, but it should have all you need.

  5. It seems a bit convoluted, and it’d make more sense to rip the English dialogue from the pre-existing ROM as well, but at least the scenario is finally translated and playable in English, so I guess I can’t really complain. Either way, thanks for the trans guys 😀

  6. Sadly, I can’t read japanese. =x
    Too bad, I really wanted to try this sidequest that only japanese people played.
    Sorry if my english is bad, I’m french. ^^’

  7. is there a patch to play the rest of the game in english?…oh @mega-fan,do you use the VBA link emulator?if you use,OPTIONS,link,and wireless adaptor

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