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We’re back

After a brief service interruption, TREZ’s home page is now back up and functioning. Thanks to long-time member Mgamerz, we now have a new host for the site. As the Legacy project has been cancelled recently, the references to it have been removed. You’ll also notice the features panel below now features the Rockman EXE WS Translation project, as it is now a major piece of content for the site.

Please report any issues and we’ll have them fixed as soon as possible.

Mega Man Network Transmission OST Announced

Game Music Discovery Series: Rockman EXE Transmission Soundtrack CoverFollowing high fan demand, SuperSweep, the company that produced the music for Mega Man Network Transmission, has announced Game Music Discovery Series: Rockman EXE Transmission Soundtrack, a music album with all those catchy tunes from Rockman EXE Transmission, known in the West as Mega Man Network Transmission. MMNT’s music has been available in the form of a gamerip for some time, but this is the first time it will be sold as an actual album.


Purist and Anime Translation Patches for EXE WS Available!

For those interested, TREZ has now released purist and anime-dubbed versions of the EXE WS translation patch. The purist version uses the original Japanese names, such as Netto and Rockman. The NT Warrior version uses the Navi names from the anime, such as TorchMan instead of FireMan. The rest of the translation is fully in English though. Note however that these versions have not been thoroughly beta tested.

They can be download from the link below:

Rockman Xover features Battle Network, Star Force Mega Man

In celebration of Mega Man’s 25th Anniversary, Capcom has announced Rockman Xover (Crossover), a “Social RPG” featuring Mega Men from all the different Mega Man series. Naturally, this means MegaMan.EXE from Battle Network, and Mega Man SF from Star Force are featured!

Dr. Wily, Sigma and the other villains have teamed up to imprison all the Mega Men in a gap in time-space. In response, Dr. Light and Dr. Cossack work together to build a brand new robot to put a stop to the bad guys. As a run-of-the-mill production model turned super fighting robot, it’s up to the player to build up their very own Mega Man using “Battle Memory” that has been scattered across the world, together with your friends.


Welcome to the new TREZ!

Welcome to The Rockman EXE Zone! Today is our 6th anniversary, and our new website is finally finished. From now on, this will be your home for anything Mega Man Battle Network and Mega Man Star Force. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to keep up with our community events and all the latest news, and join the forums to talk to your fellow TREZians.

Of course, with a new website, come new features! We’ve outlined some of them below: