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TREZ offers its own unique library of downloads. Custom wallpapers, tools, and more! Some categories have their own pages.


Game Mods



High-quality custom wallpapers created exclusively for TREZ. Currently 6 styles available!

Sounds (Coming Soon!)
Sound archives.

Crossover Music
Music from Boktai DS.

MMBN6: The New Crisis – Complete Video Collection
Original videos for the hit YouTube series. Available in a 13-part archive.


MMBN4.5 Translation Patch
The current version which translates some of the common parts in the game.

MMBN Saves
Current batch of complete saves for the Battle Network games.

Killerman: Kill Them All!
A TREZ game developed by GM in 2009. It’s a 2-player game where you can play either KillerMan or ShadeMan to defeat ghosts and earn a high score.