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TeamBN Winter Festival 2017 recap!

TeamBN’s Winter Festival 2017 took place last week, and featured a host of new demos, showcases and presentations from the Mega Man Battle Network community. A number of MMBN fan games and MMBN-inspired indie games were on display, as well as some other projects including translations and abridged series. If you missed any of the presentations, here’s a recap of all the stuff that was shown and announced!

Mega Man Battle Network 3D

What: MMBN fan game for PC
Who: Team MMBN3D

Project lead/developer HeatPhoenix gave us a look at an upcoming new demo for Mega Man Battle Network 3D, which features an updated FireMan boss fight, a level select screen and a folder editor. In addition, some of the recently created new Navis were shown, and a mock box art illustration was revealed, which you can see in the thumbnail of the video below.

Mega Man Battle Network: Chrono X

What: MMBN fan game for PC and Android
Who: Team Megadudes

Project co-leader/writer killer336 and spriter WindsOfThePast of Team Megadudes showed up for a playthrough of the first three chapters of the upcoming Demo 5.0 for Mega Man Battle Network Chrono X, and a live Q&A. The content is mostly the same as the last marathon, but worth a watch if you missed anything. Towards the end of the segment, a new boss character was revealed: CrashMan.EXE. Red Infinity’s second-in-command, CrashMan.EXE will make an appearance in Demo 5.0 but will not be fightable until later in the story.

MegaMan NT Warrior TCG

What: Fan-made Tabletop Simulator expansion for PC
Who: MMBN community

The MegaMan NT Warrior trading card game was discontinued years ago, but now you can play it online in Tabletop Simulator! MegaMasterX and G1ganator hold an exhibition match with commentary by Kerreb17, using the fan-made free NT Warrior TCG expansion for Tabletop Simulator, which doesn’t just include the official cards but also adds some new ones. Tabletop Simulator is currently 50% off in the Steam Winter Sale, so this is a good time to grab it!

Mega Man Battle Network: Project P.E.T.

What: MMBN fan game/app for Android and iOS
Who: Team P.E.T.

A recent addition to the fan game line-up, Project P.E.T. aims to bring MMBN to the real world with an app for smartphones. No VOD is available due to technical difficulties, but you can watch the released teaser trailer below, which introduces the battle system and a Pokémon GO-esque overworld. A demo for the game is available for Android and iOS.

MegaMan Abridged Warrior

What: Abridged series for the MegaMan NT Warrior anime
Who: Team.EXE

Fan dubbers Team.EXE showed a preview for the long-awaited Episode 8 of MegaMan Abridged Warrior, an abridged series for the MegaMan NT Warrior anime! Afterwards, writers Sdauf and Fel, and voice for Maylu Hex Wolf, joined for a live Q&A session.

Mega Man Battle Network 4.5: Real Operation

What: Translation patch for Rockman EXE 4.5: Real Operation for GBA
Who: The Rockman EXE Zone

Back from the dead, new progress was shown off for the Rockman EXE4.5 translation project. EXE4.5 speedrunner NMarkro plays through a new in-development version of the translation patch, which translates all of Roll’s story content into English. Features commentary by project lead Prof. 9, translator Jumi and editor Lex.

N1 Grand Prix

What: Online NetBattling for MMBN6
Who: N1 Grand Prix

Symes and Virillion from the N1 Grand Prix community face off in an online NetBattle exhibition match using the VBA Link emulator and Hamachi, with commentary from tournament organizer MegaMasterX and Eurasia_M. Afterwards, there was a live Q&A session with MegaMasterX and Zulleyy3 from N1GP, and the announcement of the next main series tournament: the N1GP Winter Sharo Rumble, taking place in January 2018.

Shanghai EXE: Genso Network

What: MMBN/Touhou crossover fan game for PC
Who: KokiTeamBN

The recently released English translation for Shanghai EXE: Genso Network was speedrun by lead translator Kerreb17, who shares some insight on the translation process. For more info on Shanghai EXE and how to download the new English version, check out our earlier post on the game.

Card Witch

What: MMBN-inspired indie RPG for PC
Who: alpha six productions

Another recently announced project, Card Witch is an MMBN-inspired indie RPG being developed by alpha six productions. Game designer Bloody Honey leads us through the pre-alpha demo version and shows the various new battle mechanics, deck builder, and more. Following the presentation, alpha six released the free demo on, so you can give the game a spin right now!


What: MMBN-inspired indie RPG for PC
Who: 12B3 Games

RedMatters from 12B3 Games showcased a brand new feature for EndCycle: an online versus mode! At the time of writing, Online VS has just been added to the free demo for the game, which you can grab at

One Step From Eden

What: MMBN-inspired indie RPG for PC
Who: Thomas Moon Kang

A newcomer to the TeamBN marathon, but already having been in development for a while, One Step From Eden is another new MMBN-inspired indie RPG. Developer Thomas gives us an overview of the battle system and story, and showcases some of the game’s unique mechanics.

Tri Wing

What: MMBN-inspired indie game for PC, Android and iOS
Who: VeakXP

We got another good look at the upcoming MMBN-inspired, PvP-focused indie game Tri Wing. Developer VeakXP showed some live online matches, and also had an announcement to make: an open beta of the game will be released on January 8th.

What’s more?

Aside from all the fan game presentations, the TeamBN marathon is a speedrun marathon at its core, so once again there was plenty of fast (and some not so fast) gameplay on display. Some of the more interesting runs include:

And for those that prefer traditional speedruns, be sure check out the follow runs: