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English version of Shanghai EXE: Genso Network released!

An English version of MMBN fangame Shanghai EXE: Genso Network has been released! The game, which is currently in development by Koki and several contributors, has been translated from Japanese to English by several members and regulars of TeamBN.

For those not in the know, Shanghai EXE: Genso Network is an MMBN fangame set in the Touhou Project universe. You play as Alice, a regular middle schooler who finds herself and her Navi Shanghai.EXE caught up in several incidents, caused by the nefarious organization ROM. Many Touhou characters make an appearance as human characters and NetNavis, but you don’t need to be familiar with the series in order to understand the story; it plays just like Mega Man Battle Network.

The game also bring some new elements to the table: two new elements, Poison and Earth, are added to the elemental cycle. The Style system in Shanghai EXE combines the Styles from Battle Network 2/3 with the Crosses from Battle Network 6, and the AddOn Manager, which replaces the Navi Customizer, lets you customize Shanghai with various programs.

The current version of the game (v0.40) runs up to Chapter 4 — roughly half of the story. You can download the game for Windows PC on the Shanghai EXE website. The game will also be shown at the TeamBN Winter Festival this weekend, with a showcase of the English translation.

Thanks to Kerreb17 for contributing to this post!

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