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Kickstarter for EndCycle now live!

12B3 Games has launched a Kickstarter for their indie game, EndCycle. If you watched the last TeamBN marathon, you might’ve caught a glimpse of this game already. EndCycle is slated for Windows, Linux and macOS, and the team is looking to raise €10,000 to fund the development of the game.

The game stars Fin, your average guy whose life is upended when his peaceful hometown of Everod is invaded by the evil organization Azure Shield. To stop them, Fin will need to travel the world of Anika and seek help from the team of good guys, Crimson Force. As the battle between these two world powers rages, he finds himself caught in the middle and is forced to fight in order to reclaim his normal life.

The battle system in EndCycle should be immediately familiar to anyone who’s played Mega Man Battle Network before. Each battle takes place on a grid of panels, on which you and the enemy Noise monsters move around and try to hit each other with ranged attacks. You can equip up to 12 VOC attacks, and defeating Noise will get you stronger ones as well as level up your Noisicon, which lets you summon your own Noise buddy in battle. There’s also a local multiplayer mode planned that will let up to 4 players duke it out or fight together.

For the full details, make sure to check out the Kickstarter page for EndCycle. If you want to see more before jumping in, there is a newly updated, free demo available which features the first chapter of the game as well as local multiplayer.

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