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Rockman EXE 15th anniversary celebrations

exe_ryotakamisaki25-12-2015 The 15th anniversary of the Mega Man Battle Network series is coming up! The year’s festivities includes a promotion in the Hanayashiki amusement park, brand new plush dolls, a new Duel Masters card, a reprint of the Official Complete Works and some cool new merchandise. Take a look at the roundup in the skip.

Let’s start off with Rockman EXE ALL STAR COLLECTION from Sanei Boeki. Rockman.EXE, Blues.EXE, and Metool are new additions to Sanei’s long line of video game based dolls that included the Classic Rockman. All of the dolls come in “Small” sizes, however Rockman has the privilage of also having a “Medium” size at 27cm. You can purchase these on Amazon Japan. There is word that Sanei will bring these dolls to US shores as well.

It’s 2005 again! Duel Masters and Rockman EXE have joined forces once more! …in Trading Card Game form. A plethora of franchises collaborate with Duel Masters in their new set, Super Black Box Pack. The release is set to be out on the 30th of this months, but Next Gen World Hobby Fair 2016 Winter attendees were able to snag the new packs before then! The featured card is Rockman EXE & Katta, the latter being the current protagonist of the still running Duel Master anime. The art is a tribute to the promotional art for the 2005 movie double-feature. The last time the franchise was featured in the card game was with Forte, Brave Fear Lord.

EXEOCW_JPOriginally came out December 21st, 2009, the Rockman EXE Official Complete Works was the ultimate artbook of the series, spanning from the first game to Operate Shooting Star. The book has been out of print for many years now, but due to the voices of the fans on and its 15th anniversary, a reprint has been issued! This would be the best way to purchase the artbook as even the English version from Udon Entertainment is out of print.

hanayashiki_exehanayashiki_mercFollowing up Classic and X, EXE has also teamed up with Hanayashiki amusement park for their own anniversary! The park will present 2 stamp event rallies, the first running from February 6th to 29th will be “Stop Dr.Wily’s Ambitions!“, and the second half “Defeat Forte!” will run from March 1st to March 21st. In that time, various EXE styled merchandise like t-shirts, bags, and NES styled keychain and pins will be available to purchase! Brand new visuals from Miho Asada, the artist of Battle Story Rockman EXE manga and Ryo Takamisaki, the author of CoroCoro’s Rockman EXE manga will be shown. Both artists have been active on their Twitter sharing their old and new EXE art.

RTWorks_PreviewSpeaking of Ryo Takamisaki, a preview image with two familiar silhouettes has been posted on his promotional team’s Twitter. With his recent resurgence of drawing Rockman EXE again, what will be shown on that date?

Battle Network: Rockman EXE will be 15 years on March 21st of this year. With all of this celebration, maybe the team at TREZ also has something coming up…

Source: Hanayashiki, OCW Reprint, Duel Masters, Sanei Dolls