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Mega Man’s brought some friends to Smash

smash-bros-mega-man-thumbDid you catch a glimpse of Mega Man’s new Final Smash during the special Super Smash Bros. edition of today’s Nintendo Direct? If so, you might have seen some familiar faces…

That’s right — all four other (yes, count ’em, four) Mega Men pop out to help our classic hero, including MegaMan.EXE from Battle Network and MegaManSF from Star Force 1 and 2. Together with X and Mega Man Volnutt, they fire off a 5-way Buster blast that obliterates everything.


The new Super Smash Bros. will hit 3DS system this summer, while Wii U owners will have to wait till winter. Watch the full video below: Mega Man’s part starts at 28:34.

3 thoughts to “Mega Man’s brought some friends to Smash”

    1. Well, give it a few months after it is released and some modder will make it so you can play as each Megaman seperatly. (Yes that includes BN Megaman) 🙂

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