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The Rockman EXE Zone is 8 years old!

TREZ8thAnniversaryToday is August 12th, 2014. Why is this day special? It’s The Rockman EXE Zone’s 8th anniversary. Way back in 2006, megarock.exe and Greiga Master started this forum to create a community for all kinds of EXE fans. While many communities have come and gone, we still stand and we will continue to be the premier destination for Mega Man Battle Network!

This past year has been a new breath of life into the Battle Network series. The biggest being the Battle Network series hitting the Wii U Virtual Console! A fun trip for old fans to re-experience the series, as well as new fans who missed the boat the first time or were too young at the time. There’s also TeamBN’s MMBN/MMSF speedrun marathons, where MMBN fan communities united together to entertain the masses as well as raise money towards the Doctors Without Borders charity. You might’ve even caught a glimpse of some TREZ staffers during the bonus stream from the latest marathon.

While things have seem a little quiet on the site front, a lot is going behind the scenes. As usual, the Rockman EXE 4.5 translation project is still pushing on. Greiga Master has been working on his personal MMBN6 mod with many breakthroughs and mods never seen before in Battle Network 6. Here are some teasers of what is included:

But right now, be sure to try out his MMBN6 co-op multiplayer patch! Get a friend and take out your favorite bosses together! Here’s our challenge to you: defeat two BassBX with another player!

On the modding community side, there’s exeguy11’s English translation patch for Rockman EXE 6. Although not a direct translation, in fact it uses the localized version’s dialogue. You can still use it to explore areas, use chips, and other functions taken out from the localized versions in English!

Also, as a special gift to commemorate the anniversary, Prof. 9 has released the first version of the Mega Man Battle Network Randomizer! Replay the Battle Network games in a different light, with randomized BattleChip drops and virus encounters! The MMBN Randomizer already supports Battle Network 5 and 6, with support for the other games to come.

Stay connected to TREZ through the TREZ Twitter feed and TREZ Forums. We have some exciting things to announce in the future, so stay tuned!