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The Battle Chip Gate (バトルチップゲート) is the first add-on peripheral for the Battle Network series. You are able to send Battle Chips you purchased and use them in select games.

Battle chip gate - normal.jpg Battle chip gate - blues.PNG
Battle Chip Gate Battle Chip Gate ProtoMan Ver.

Mega Man Battle Network 4

Starting up the game with the Gate attached, unlocks Operation Battle mode on the title screen.

Operation Battle

Battle chip gate - operation battle 4.png

In this mode, the player sends real life Battle Chip to their Navis while having limited control over them. The controls are different than normal gameplay as well:

Button Usage
Left/Right Tells the Navi which column they should be on, when they can.
Up The option to get Navi to follow the enemy in the same row as much as possible, or avoid the same row as much as possible.
Down The option for the Navi to change the tactic from either using the buster, its special weapon, or not attacking.
Holding L The Navi stands still and slotting in chips lets you perform a Program Advance.
Start Pause

The gauge increases over time and the more hits you land. It decreases if you are hit or use up to send Battle Chips. Chips you are able to send are dependent on the gauges:

Color Battle Chip
Yellow Standard Chip
Blue Mega Chip
Red Giga Chip

The mode goes through all version-exclusive Navis. The player is rewards with a star on the Operation Battle screen once finished,

Exclusive BattleChips

There are unique chips that are only available in physical form, therefore only usable in MMBN4 using the Battle Chip Gate:

Chip Name Class Effect
マーキング Marking
Standard Navi moves to the front-most column. It is temporarily invincible and cannot use its buster.
キャノンモード Cannon Mode
Standard Temporarily sends a barrage of the Cannon chip.
ホウガンモード Cannonball Mode
Standard Temporarily sends a barrage of the Ball chip.
ソードモード Sword Mode
Standard Temporarily sends a barrage of the Sword chip.
ファイアプラス Fire Plus
Mega Sets up Grass Stage and temporarily, Fire chip does +40 damage.
サンダープラス Thunder Plus
Mega Temporarily, all Elec chip does +40 damage and paralyzes.
アクアパワー Aqua Power
Mega Temporarily, all Aqua chips used does double damage.
ウッドパワー Wood Power
Mega Temporarily, all Wood chips used does double damage.
ブラックウェポン Black Weapon
Mega Add +5 Attack to the buster but gives an HP bug.
ファイナルガン Final Gun
Giga Navi Charges up, then uses chip. Shoots 12 times.

Program Advances

Unlike later games, Program Advances use the same list as in game. Although chips of the same series are not accessible (Ex, Giga Cannon, Pit Hockey). Multi chip Series (Ex, Life Sword, Body Guard) are left unchanged.

Navi Abilities

  • MegaMan
    • Mega Buster, Shield
  • Roll
    • Buster, RollArro
  • GutsMan
    • Buster, Guts Hammer
  • WindMan
    • Buster, Wind, Fan
  • SearchMan
    • Buster, ScopeGun
  • FireMan
    • Buster, FireArm
  • ThunderMan
    • Buster, ElecBeam
  • ProtoMan
    • Shield, LongSword
  • NumberMan
    • Buster, Shield
  • MetalMan
    • Buster, MetalBlade
  • JunkMan
    • Buster, JunkPress
  • AquaMan
    • Buster, AquaShot
  • WoodMan
    • Buster, DeathForest

Rockman EXE 4.5 Real Operation

Battle chip gate - gold program.png

Operation Battle is changed to how it was handled from 4. Also, the Gate can be used for the entirety of the game instead of being locked to one mode. However the real life chip use can be depleted, and cannot be restored until you jack out or find a Gold Program to restore it.

4.5 Battle Chip Gate can also VS Battle Network 4 Battle Chip Gate. It will copy 4's resources minus the battle music, and its Operation Battle Mode transforms into 4's as well.

Mega Man Zero 3

Battle chip gate - zero 3.png

On the title screen, slotting-in certain Battle Chips instantly unlock mini games that would have otherwise needed a different requirement to unlock.

Mini Game Battle Chip
Phantom Even numbered ID
Harpuia Odd numbered ID
Fefnir Red Sun
Leviathan Blue Moon